We aim to make board games unlike anything you have ever played before. 

Flaming Troll Board Games is a fast-paced startup started by Mat Nicholas. Mat is an experienced Game Designer of Video games and a game-lover who lives and works in Cardiff. We aim to make board games unlike anything you have ever played before that are not only super-fun to play, but also beautiful to look at.


We love games, we love board games, and we love beer. Games are great at bringing people together. If you go to a running club you're going to be running and not getting to know new people. Whereas with board games you have plenty of time to chat and get to know your fellow gamers. So Drunkgeon is about bringing people together for good times! Launching Drunkgeon via Kickstarter will not only allow us to manufacture the game at the quality and quantity we need but this is also the best way to reach out to you, the people we hope will actually play the game. We can't wait to send those Drunkgeon your way!

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